Rogers Basement Waterproofing offers many services that can help to keep your basement dry and your home stable, and one of these is sealing. A properly applied sealant can be helpful, but it is not a solution on its own.

Why you need a professional

There are many types of waterproofing paints and sealants on the market. While many of these do work, they usually are only temporary fixes to larger problems that need attention. Sealing off a crack with a product from your local hardware store may remedy the visible problem, but it can’t fix the underlying moisture issue that may cause more cracks to form or worse.

Also, there are many types of sealants and waterproof paints on the market, and some of these are better than others. If you don’t choose the right product for a do-it-yourself project you may only end up making the problem worse, or you could just be throwing your money away.

What we do

We use sealing as part of an overall waterproofing solution. Occasionally, this may be the only service one of our customers needs, but overall, usually using a sealant product goes hand in hand with other waterproofing techniques to help keep basements and crawl spaces dry and protected. We also have strong, professional-grade products that will stand the test of time, and if they don’t our lifetime guarantee goes into effect. Additionally, we know how to apply these products the right way so that they really work.


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