Steel I-Beams (Bowed Walls)

Bowed walls are an indicator that your home is probably not as safe, secure, and stable as you would like. There are many signs of foundation damage, and finding bowing walls is just one of them. If your foundation’s walls are beginning to have an inward curve, you need to take action.

A common factor leading to bowed walls is a great amount of pressure on the foundation, usually from the soil around the structure expanding and contracting. Even though this is usually a natural phenomenon, there are things you can do to fix bowing walls and make your house more structurally sound.

Repair with Steel I-Beams

Rogers Basement Waterproofing utilizes a variety of waterproofing methods to repair the cause of the bowed walls. We then use I-Beams as a reinforcement to help remedy any foundation issues the bowing walls may have caused.

Steel I-Beams are fit to the height of your basement walls. Fastened to the floor and to the ceiling, these provide additional support to your foundation. With I-Beams in place, your foundation walls become reinforced, meaning they are more stable and secure.

Experts in using I-Beams to fix foundation issues, Rogers Basement Waterproofing will be sure that these are installed correctly. Our expert team knows what to look for to ensure the longevity of this sort of repair, and we are able to ensure that not only is the foundation safer, it won’t crack due to improper installation.


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