Sump Pump Installation

If you want to keep your home dry and secure, a sump pump may be a vital piece of equipment for you. Because of how important sump pumps are to remedying water problems, sump pump installation is one of the services that Rogers Basement Waterproofing is pleased to offer.


Who needs sump pumps

Sump pumps serve to pump out any excess water that is in your basement or crawlspace, usually funneling it through the drainage system for your home. While many homes can benefit from sump pumps, houses that are below the level of the water table, below a sewer line, or in a location that is known to flood definitely should have a sump pump.

As mentioned, all homes can benefit. Water from rains and snow melt can saturate the soil that surrounds your foundation, eventually leeching into the walls. While this can cause damage over time, those with finished basements or who use basements to store valuable items certainly want to do what they can to keep their basement as dry as possible.

Types of sump pumps

One variety of sump pump is the pedestal style; this kind of pump sits above what is known as the sump pit, something that makes it more accessible during maintenance. The other general variety of sump pump is submersible, meaning that it is submersed in the sump pit and sealed to protect the electrical wiring. Beyond this, some pumps use electric power, and other sump pumps use the pressure from the home’s water supply to run. The professionals at Rogers Basement Waterproofing are more than happy to work with you to determine which variety of sump pump is best for your home prior installation.

Installation and maintenance

Beyond handling the installation of your sump pump, we can help you handle maintenance as well. Sump pumps are important, and they require regular maintenance and cleaning to remain in good working order. Your sump pump needs to remain unclogged, free from gravel, sand, and other debris that can keep your pump from working properly or cause it to begin to smell unpleasant. Regular inspections can also help to determine when it is time to replace your sump pump, as they do not last forever.


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