Mold and mildew can make you and your family sick

The steps that need to be taken to prevent mold and mildew in your home are well worth it. Mold (and mildew which is a type of mold) are very dangerous in many ways. These tiny fungi eat away at your structure, making your home unstable with time.

They are also often smelly and usually unsightly. Even worse, however, is the fact that these fungi can make you and your loved ones very ill!

The best tip the team at Rogers Basement Waterproofing has for you in terms of mold is this: do whatever you can to stop mold from growing in the first place. By creating conditions that are difficult for mold to thrive, you will be saving yourself and your family from the illnesses related to mold and mildew.  You will also be saving yourself the time, effort, and cost of cleaning up mold and dealing with the repercussions of a mold problem.

Where mold forms

You can find mold almost anywhere because this tiny fungi is really quite hearty; but molds will form in areas where moisture is present most of the time. In the house, these areas are hotspots for mold growth because they are usually darker, damper, or more humid than other locations: the basement, laundry rooms, showers, areas surrounding doors the lead outside, window frames, and any other area with ample moisture. To be on the safe side, you should often check these areas for mold that might be growing and get rid of it fast.

Symptoms of Mildew-caused illness

If you experience flu-like symptoms, you could be suffering from an illness caused by mildew. Some of the symptoms include but not limited to itchy eyes, fatigue, a general sick feeling, and a runny nose. If your basement is musty, it is probably due to mildew, and this is a perfect ingredient for causing severe asthma attacks and bronchial airways constriction in those with existing conditions and sensitivities.

Mold-induced illness

Mild reactions to mold can be identified through eye irritation and a stuffy nose. Some of the more serious conditions caused by molds are lung-related problems, shortness of breath, and fever; many of these conditions can end up being quite severe and may require medical care to prevent more serious illness or even death. Mold in the home, especially in sleeping spaces, can be triggers for intense allergies that can cause morning fatigue and plenty of allergy symptoms.

Mold and Mildew Removal

The removal of mold from your house will vary with the surface the mold is growing on. Ventilate any area with mold well, and if you can, expose the surface to the sun to dry it out. If the material where the mold is growing can be treated with bleach, such as a non-porous surface, you should use it to clean away the mold.

If the mold and mildew is growing in your basement or crawlspace or anywhere else in and on your structure, you should be aggressive. After removing the mold with commercial mold removal products or other safe, proven means, you will also need to solve the problem that lead to mold growing in the first place; usually this means fixing an underlying water problem. Consult with us to find the main source of moisture to prevent future mold growth and to stop any additional water-related problems from cropping up.

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