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Downspouts Are Vital to Keep Your Home's Interior Dry

Even though downspouts are not in your home, they are a vital component when it comes to keeping your foundation walls, basement and crawlspace dry. Rogers Basement Waterproofing provides expert installation and maintenance of downspouts.

Licensed, bonded and insured, Rogers Basement Waterproofing was established in 1975. We have got the experience and competitive pricing for any discharge line repairs, maintenance and installation you need. Call 614-237-0488 for yourFREE estimatetoday.
Downspouts discharge lines

Why Downspouts Are Important

Downspouts and other drainage solutions keep your basement dry. If they are installed incorrectly or not installed at all, your home will end up with excessive water saturating the soil around your foundation. 

Water will interfere with the soil, deteriorate your foundation walls, cause cracking and more. Basically, if you don't have downspouts, you are likely to have trouble with moisture problems in your basement/foundation.

Correctly installed downspouts will direct rainwater away from your home. A drainage system should continue to carry water away from your structure. Even in the heaviest of rains or biggest thaws, your basement will stay dry and safe with properly installed downspouts.
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