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Protect Your Home With a Sump Pump

Keep your home dry and secure with a sump pump installation from Rogers Basement Waterproofing. Sump pumps are a vital piece of equipment to remedy water problems. You can count on us for exceptional sump pump installation services.

Licensed, bonded and insured, Rogers Basement Waterproofing was established in 1975. We have got the experience and affordable pricing for any sump pump installation you need. Call 614-237-0488 for your FREE estimate today.
Sump pump

Find out If You Need a Sump Pump

Homes that are below the level of the water table, below a sewer line or in a location that is known to flood should have a sump pump. Other homes can also benefit from sump pump installations.

Sump pumps will pump out excess water in your basement or crawlspace by funneling it through the drainage system in your home.

Remember, all homes can benefit from a sump pump. Rain water and melted snow can saturate soil surrounding your foundation. Eventually, the water can leech into your walls. Over time, this can cause damage for people with finished basements. You will want to keep your basement and valuables dry.

A Variety of Sump Pumps

Let Rogers Basement Waterproofing help you to decide which type of sump pump is right for your home. Types of sump pumps include:
  • Pedestal style: this kind of pump sits above what is known as the sump pit, something that makes it more accessible during maintenance. 
  • Submersible: meaning that it is submersed in the sump pit and sealed to protect the electrical wiring. 
Some pumps use electric power, and other sump pumps use the pressure from the home’s water supply to run. The experienced team at Rogers Basement Waterproofing will work with you to determine which variety of sump pump is best for your home prior installation.
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